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Gat out of Hell walkthrough video takes you on a tour of Satan's lair

Johnny Gat has gone to Hell in order to save the leader of The Saints who is the president of the United States. Find out how he plans to do this in the walkthrough video below.

In the video, Volition's Jim Boone is your tour guide through Hell who also shows off some of the devilish weapons Johnny will use in Gat out of Hell. You even get a look at the game's "fully armed wing chair." I want one of those.

The standalone co-op expansion to Saints Row 4 releases January 27 in North America and January 30 in the UK for last-gen and current-gen consoles as well as PC.

Funny thing: each time I see the title Gat out of Hell, I start singing the Meatloaf song Bat Out of Hell. I need professional help.

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