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Garry's Mod updates 160 & 161 drop, changelog inside

Garry's Mod creator Garry Newman has issued a quick 161th update to his engine after he found issues in update 160. Check out what's new and what's been changed inside.

Newman published a blog post on update 160. Here are the patch notes:

New balloon models
There’s a couple of new balloon models available by default now! Enjoy!

Player model updates
The HL2 citizen player models were drastically enhanced, and Odessa is now colourable. The player models will now transition between animation states more smoothly, sitting animations have been improved, idle sequences (standing still) are much more varied, and other various things that looked odd or didn’t work were fixed.

Fixed infinite loop when spawning entities
If your GMod was freezing up when trying to spawn some entities - you were getting the infinite loop bug. This is now fixed!

Fixed cheating with crouch
There was a bug with crouching where you could crouch, uncrouch and then crouch again while you were still uncrouching - and your view would stay in place. This was being exploited by people to shoot over boxes while being fully ducked behind them.

Fixed Coroutines
One for the coders.. coroutines should now work flawlessly! Now you just need to find a use for them!

Added Nextbot stuff
Another one for the coders. I exposed a lot of nextbot stuff. This means that we can code better AI. I’m not done with this yet but it should be safe enough to start using it.

SteamPipe Mounting
Valve are switching all their games over to Steam Pipe. This affects us because we like to mount their games. Don’t worry though - I have updated the mounting stuff so it’ll mount games using SteamPipe now too! This includes games like CS:GO and Left 4 Dead!

Fixed Lua errors when saving
Some people were getting Lua errors when creating a save via the spawn menu. This should be fixed now - it was my fault! Sorry guys!

Fixed fastdl downloads
Server owners were having trouble with fastdl downloads. They didn’t download properly if they were compressed. This is also my fault - and should now be fixed!

Fixed duplicate props when loading a save
Sometimes when you loaded a save the props would get duplicated because it was restoring them first, then creating the saved version. This code was all a bit sticky. So I nuked the lot so it will delete all the props on the map and restore them from the save versions.

Lua performance fixes
I added a few small optimizations to improve the performance of Lua. A lot of the slowdown in Lua is when it has to call back to c. So I try to avoid that in a few common places. I make CurTime, RealTime and FrameTime all Lua functions - which don’t call into c in any way. The entity meta tables are also done in Lua now too.

This update took some time to launch, so it was surprising to see update 161 drop just hours afterwards, to remedy further issues such as weapons firing too fast and more. Check out the full list of update 161 tweaks here.

Thanks Player Attack.

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