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Rust: Garry's Mod creator opens alpha phase for his survival game

Rust is the new hatchet-wielding zombie game from Garry's Mod creator Garry Newman, and it's currently in alpha. Get a glimpse of it here.

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Check out this Rust gameplay, courtesy of thenewgeogzm.

PCGamesN reports that Rust is an open world survival game, not too dissimilar to DayZ or Minecraft, but Newman is keen to ensure that it doesn't become either game.

Players can tool around in a bright red sports car, cut down trees with their axe, kill zombies and chickens, build things using resources and pop flares to see in the dark. It certainly sounds interesting.

If you're up for it, you can start playing Rust here.

On the alpha phase, Newman said in a statement, "We haven't released an update for a while. A long while. Because we decided that we didn't want it just to be DayZ - which is what it was looking like. We knew we couldn't build big dense cities. We wanted to change direction and have the players build the world. We also hate zombies and are going to replace them with other NPCs at some point."

So there you have it, another sandbox survival game, but from the chap who made Garry's Mod. Does that fact make you more interested? Let us know below.

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