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Game of Thrones DLC takes you beyond the wall, on Xbox 360 now

Game of Thrones has received a new DLC expansion on Xbox 360 that takes adventurers beyond the iconic frozen wall that is guarded by the Night's Watch. The content will also be made available on PC and PS3 soon. It's going to be cold. Bring soup.

The 'Beyond the Wall: Blood Bound' DLC explores the dark past of Mors Westford and take you through his early years as a Night's Watch recruit. It's a two hour expansion that hurls you into the middle of Wildling territory, and it's available on Xbox Live now for 400 MS Points. The PC and PS3 version will follow "In weeks to come", an official statement confirms.

Developer Cyanide Studio has also released some new Xbox 360 screens of the DLC. Check them out here:

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