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Gakai coming to Facebook soon, WoW shown running through the social site

Gaikai chief executive David Perry announced during the Cloud Gaming Europe conference today that the service will soon launch on Facebook. Perry also demoed World of Warcraft running via the social network.

"Facebook already owns the category of casual gaming, we're going to help them own core games," he said. "A click and boom, you're playing World of Warcraft."

Perry said Gaiaki has been working with Facebook for quite some time, as it is a great venue to bring games to the masses instead of bringing people to the games.

"Bring the game to the gamer, don't move people, move games," he said. "Zynga has figured out that you put the customer first, very aggressively. You click once and you get to play for free, you share it with your friends and then you pay Zynga if you love it.

"It's as pro-consumer as you can get and that's why their valuation has skyrocketed. Some of the traditional publishers who have ignored all of this are falling off a cliff. Look at their stock prices, it's not good."

Perry went on to say that one of the barriers to "owning consumers online is friction," and used Steam as an example stating that in order to play a demo on the service, a customer would have to click on the screen over 40 times before starting the demo. Gaiaki's aim, is to help remedy such hurdles.


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