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Fortnite: It's BULLS**T, screams angry wrestling idiot, before smashing the screen and storming off

No rational man gets angry about pets. But it seems to be an incremental update too far for our resident Fortnite flunky Simon Miller.

This is it. After months of forcing Miller to play Fortnite ("Fortshite"), he's finally, completely, and irrevocably flipped his lid. And they say wrestlers don't have anger issues?

He loses it in style - smashed screen and thrown controller. Like a little bald toddler but with a stubble. A baby Bruce Willis.

It's kind of ironic, isn't Alanis, that he actually completes one of the Weekly Challenges in the process. Dancing like a prick. Watch Miller go out in style below.

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Remember kids: Fortnite is the washing pots of the video game world.

If you like this guy, be sure to chip in a few pounds to his Patreon, because god knows he needs to eat grilled chicken and eggs. We're not paying him for this s**t.

Subscribe to his channel too, it's better than ours!

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