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Football Manager Handheld: 1 in 11 Android copies are bought legitimately

Football Manager Handheld 13 is coming to Android smartphones, despite the developers claims of rampant piracy, resulting in just one in eleven copies of the game being legitimately bought and paid for.

Speaking with Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson shed light on the issue of Football Manager piracy on Android by saying that piracy is now “ranging between nine to one and 11 to one."

Football Manager Handheld retails on Android at £6.99, yet the majority of players are refusing to pay for the experience. The piracy rates are causing the developer to reconsider publishing on the Android format on a yearly basis, Jacobson confirmed.

“We set a sales target at the beginning of the project that if we hit we would do another version, " Jacobson explained, "Thankfully we have hit that, so we will be doing Football Manager 13 on Android, but it’s quite sad when a business actually has to take piracy into account...we will be making the call year to year.”

What's your take on Android piracy? Is it out of control? Should Sports Interactive publish the game on it anyway? Let us know below.

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