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First Global Mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon fails, new mission coming after Christmas

Unfortunately, the first Global Mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon, ended in failure, but a new mission will kick off after Christmas.


The global mission which ended yesterday tasked global players with catching 100 million Pokemon. Only 16,423,231 were caught, according to serebii (thanks, Nintendo Everything). Game Freak said it will alter future Global Missions targets due to these results.

If the goal had been accomplished, players would have been handed up to 2,000 Festival Coins. Since the mission failed, the consolation prize of 100 Festival Coins was gifted to players, and 200 FC were awarded to those who are registered on the Global Link.

The second Global Missions will start on December 27 and it tasks players with searching for Pokemon using the Island Scan feature. More information will be announced closer to the mission's kick off.

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