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FIFA 20 Volta skill moves and tips - How to use simple skill moves, flicks, and protect your goal

In FIFA 20 there’s a brand-new way to play: Volta Football. Channelling the spirit of fan-favourite spin-off, FIFA Street, Volta is fast-paced, small-team, street football packed with skill moves, fancy flicks, and rush goalkeepers.

You can either use your favourite pros in single matches, or create your own freestyler and build your own team up towards world championship glory in Volta Story.

You might have mastered the likes of career and FUT, but Volta requires a different skill set and features a new control scheme to other FIFA modes. Here are a few of our tips from what we’ve played so far to help you get started.

FIFA 20 Volta skill moves and tips

How to use simple skill moves

Back in the day with FIFA Street 1 and 2 you used to be able to press triangle to automatically beat an opponent, but in Volta it’s a bit more involved - some moves even involve inputs using multiple shoulder buttons and sticks.

However, while you’re learning the ropes it’s really easy to get lost and just end up doing the Ronaldinho floor header over and over again.

To perform simple, contextual skill moves in Volta, hold the left and right trigger, then push the left stick in the direction you want your player to trick into (that’s L2 +R2 + left stick on PlayStation).

For example, if you’re up on the left wing and want to cut inside, hold L2 and R2 at the same time and push to your player’s right. Depending on their skill move rating - which is out of 5 stars like in other modes - they’ll do a berba spin, ball roll, or similar spin to beat an opponent.

Use simple flicks to beat opponents

You can also use simple flicks to beat opponents and set up scoring opportunities. Press in the right stick to flick the ball into the air, then keep pressing it in time to do keepy-ups (this is done with R3 on PlayStation). You can then push the left stick in a direction to flick the ball that way.

How I like to use this is to turn away from the defender and face my back to them. Then flick the ball up and juggle it, then press the left stick towards the defender, who should have started to put you under pressure, and you’ll flick the ball over their head and be through on goal.

Switch to your defender and press tackle to protect your goal

There’s not much more frustrating in Volta than the AI taking a speculative shot from the half-way line and your goalie turns into a hologram, letting it trickle through their legs.

To try and stop your opponent’s shots going through your goalie, try switching to them as they bear down on goal, jockey with the left trigger (L2 on PlayStation), and press tackle (Square or Circle on PlayStation) in time with the shot.

This should help you to get in the way of shots in rush goalkeeper modes. I'd recommend practising in the defending skill games to get the hang of it.

Use the drilled shot

At the other end of the pitch though, it can be tough to get through the robo-keepers.

However, if you hold the two bumpers (L1 + R1 on PlayStation) you’ll do a low driven shot that seems to have a greater chance of squirming under their feet - just like they do all the time to you.

Don’t be afraid of lob pass, volleys are good

Possession in Volta is key, and quick passing is vital for creating space and chances. However, it’s not immediately apparent that the lob pass (square on PlayStation, X on Xbox) when used sparingly can be quite good at creating that final opening for a shot.

Volleys are quite good if you get them right, so if you’re struggling to get shooting room try teeing one up with a lob pass.

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