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Fez headed to "pretty much" every platform, except 3DS

Fez creator and lone Polytron survivor Phil Fish has said he wants Fez to release on almost everything, notably entering negotiations with Sony but ruling out the 3DS.

In a Reddit AMA, Fish said Mac and Ouya ports are on the way; he has "vague plans" for a Linux port; and an iOS release is "highly probable".

Asked about a PlayStation Network and Vita release, Fish said he's "working with Sony on that".

"Fez should eventually be out on pretty much everything," he added, except when it came to 3DS.

"People keep assuming Fez would be a no-brainer on 3DS, but in truth it would be kind of pointless. The game is practically always shown in isometric 3D, there's never any perspective there. I don't think it would work," he said.

Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis took to Twitter to answer this comment.

"Sorry, he's wrong. Fez probably would work, particularly when switching from orthographic to perspective. All our 2D-based games on 3DS are orthographic projection, but we 'force' the 3D layering manually, by hand," he said.

Fez is on the way to PC, where it will launch in early May.

Thanks, CyberMarco.

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