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Fez coming to Steam in May

Beloved indie puzzle-platformer Fez will make the jump to PC in May, escaping the clutches of Xbox Live Arcade exclusivity.

The unusual 2.5D adventure has been added to the Steam storefront, with a release date of May 1, or May 2 in Australia.

Although an OS-X port has been touted, among other platforms, only Windows is listed at this time.

Fez was released via Xbox Live Arcade in April 2012, after years of floating around independent games festivals, winning prizes, firing loins, and generally building up impressive hype levels.

As gorgeous as it is, Fez's most interesting feature is perhaps its hidden content; carry a note pad with you and try to break the coded messages scattered around the environment.

Developer Polytron was down to just one staffer in January, but Phil Fish has a couple of other games in the works, apparently.

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