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Feder - PS3 exclusivity will "help launch" Agent


Take-Two boss Ben Feder has explained the reasoning at announcing Agent as a PS3 exclusive at E3, citing timed GTA PS2 exclusives as examples of how the strategy can work for a franchise.

"The trade-offs a publisher will typically make is, if you're platform-agnostic, you get a larger installed base," he said, speaking to Gamespot on the E3 showfloor. "You're platform exclusive when you get the right kind of support from first parties."

Feder said he believed Sony will offer the same kind of support that made GTAIII, Vice City, and San Andreas - all initially PlayStation 2 exclusives - three of the top 10 selling games of all time.

Said Feder, "At this phase in the cycle, when you're trying to launch a new franchise, exclusivity can really help you launch the franchise. It can give you the kind of platform that you need to start exclusive, start in the right kind of way with the right kind of partner. Exclusivity does work."

Full thing through there.

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