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Far Cry 4: FC3's success means Ubisoft's "clearly going to make another one"

Far Cry 4 has not been confirmed as being in the works at Ubisoft, yet, but that doesn't mean it's not in the cards.

According to SVP of marketing and sales Tony Key, the success of Far Cry 3 has ensured the continuation of the franchise, and since it is getting the "recognition it deserves," the firm is "clearly going to make another one."

Key told Gamespot the game's popularity proves that open-world games are the future, thus, Ubisoft is investing "huge portions" of its resources on it, because that is "what consumers want."

"They don't want linear; they want open [world]," he said, "[but] there's always going to be a place for linear experiences."

As far as when to expect news on on Far Cyr 4, Key teased there will "more on that soon."

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