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DLC-sized mod Fallout: London gets a fitting new release date close to the Fallout TV series’ arrival

St George’s Day becomes about more than just avoiding Facebook flag-shaggers.

A street in Fallout: London.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda/Fallout: London.

Fallout: London, the massive modding project that’s set to let Fallout 4 players explore the ruins of the English capital, has had its release date pushed back to April 2024.

If you’re not familiar with it, Fallout: London has been in the works for a few years now, with the team behind it having offered plenty of sneak peeks at the interesting factions and locations it features. However, having previously been pushed back to avoid clashing with Starfield, the mod has now been delayed until this upcoming spring.

In a statement posted to social media, the team behind Fallout: London confirmed that it’s now set to release on April 23, 2024, a date which is pretty fitting, given that it marks St George’s Day, a celebration of England’s patron saint. As outlined in the statement, it also happens to line up pretty well with the arrival of Amazon’s Fallout TV series on April 12, making the month a pretty packed one for Fallout fans.

As for the reasoning behind the change in schedule, the team cites the fact that the testing it’s managed to conduct to this point “may not be as robust as we desire.” This is cited as a knock-on effect of the fact “a significant portion” of Fallout: London’s team “come from a region affected by conflict, which has understandably impacted their focus on the mod.”

“Our commitment is to provide you with a polished and as close to flawless experience as we can. We only get one chance at a first release,” the statement continues. “Consequently, we’ve made the decision to exercise prudence and opt for a delay. This new date will not only allow us to finish ample testing, but also aligns with the anticipation surrounding the Fallout TV series.”

To accompany this news, the team has put out another cool update video on YouTube, which offers an “in-depth overview” of what you can expect from the mod, which is already at “a functional content-complete stage”.

There are some very impressive numerical breakdowns included that really help to convey the mod’s sheer scale, such as the fact it includes 53 main quests and “over 90,000” lines of recorded dialogue.

The video also teases that there’ll be more announcements to come during the run up to Fallout: London’s new release date, so look out for those!

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