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Fallout: London learns from Fallout 4's biggest mistakes, aims to serve as "icing on the cake" for the game

The DLC-sized mod’s developers have also reportedly tried some interesting stuff with its quests.

A ruined street in Fallout: London.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda/Fallout: London

Fallout: London fixes and revamps some aspects of the base version of Fallout 4 that players criticised, in order to try and ensure the mod serves as the “icing on the cake” for the game.

If you’re not familiar with it, Fallout: London is a massive modding project that’s set to let you leave The Commonwealth and explore the ruins of the English capital. It’s been in the works for a few years now, with the team behind it having offered plenty of sneak peeks at the interesting factions and locations it features.

In a recent interview with Dualshockers, a couple of members of the team behind the mod, project lead Dean ‘Prilladog’ Carter and lead 2D artist Emily ‘Saffron-rice’ Kemp discussed how it aims to learn some lessons from and offer improvements on some of Fallout 4’s less popular facets. In adding in some features that people wanted, but didn't get in that game, Carter descibes the mod as "sort of like the icing on the cake for Fallout 4, as opposed to just tearing it all out and then doing what we wanted".

Some of the big changes are the ditching of a voiced protagonist in favour of a silent one and the inclusion of more skill checks in conversations, both of which will no doubt go down a storm with fans of New Vegas and the older titles in the series. You can also look forward to a number of more subtle, but very useful tweaks, like the addition of animations from modder Neeher that allow your character to climb ladders and swim in a more realistic fashion.

Carter also reveals that the team has elected to “take a bit more risk and do things which people might not particularly find fun, but someone might love”, when it comes to quest design, taking advantage of the freedom offered by not having to worry about limitations like appeasing shareholders. While the pair kept their lips pretty sealed as to what this’ll mean for Fallout: London’s missions, they did tease what a couple of their favourites involve.

For example, Kemp shouted out a quest that sees you tasked with solving a puzzle to open up a bunker that contains clues about a “tree-man” character that’s seemingly inspired, at least in part, by Fallout 3’s Harold.

Meanwhile, Carter mentions a funny little quest he designed that plays off of the Creation Engine’s notoriously janky object moving mechanics in a loving tribute to Fallout New Vegas’ unmarked quest ‘A Final Plan for Esteban’. Luckily, this time it seems you’ll be lugging/flinging around some barrels, rather than the remains of a deceased NCR ranger.

Following a recent delay, Fallout: London is currently set to release in April. Be sure to check out our coverage of the latest updates on and must-have mods for both Starfield and Fallout 4 while you wait!

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