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Fallout: London modders celebrate Fallout 4's birthday with a fresh look at the mod's unique factions

Post-apocalyptic Britain is certainly home to some interesting folks.

A street in Fallout: London
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda/Fallout: London

The team behind the massive Fallout: London modding project has released a new video offering a look at all of the different factions that populate their mod’s nuke-devastated depiction of the UK capital.

Released as a belated way to celebrate the eighth anniversary of Fallout 4’s release, the clip offers a look at each of the groups you’ll be interacting with once you delve into the mod following its release. Given that Fallout 4 serves as the mod’s basis, this certainly seems a fitting way to commemorate taking your first steps into The Commonwealth.

Kicking off with some gorgeous long-range shots of the vistas on offer in 2237 London, the video quickly gets down to brass (or maybe steel) tacks by offering a look at Camelot - the mod’s King Arthur-inspired crew of armoured justice advocates. Interestingly, it seems as though these feudal fighters are in conflict with The Gentry - the posh toffs who rule London from Westminster - over how the city’s democracy should work.

The section of the video that discusses the latter faction is arguably even more intriguing, with its narrator noting that while a Queen living in Buckingham Palace serves as their figurehead, it wouldn’t be wise to “pry too much into why she hasn’t been seen in public of late.”

There’s also a look at the World War One soldier-esque Tommies, who loyally maintain law and order in the city on behalf of its current rulers and another faction looking to topple the powers that be in the form of the mysterious and violent Fifth Column, led by Eve Varney.

For those who prefer gang warfare to ideologically-tinged battles, the mod offers the likes of The Isle of Dogs Syndicate and The Vagabonds, both of whom look like they’ll quench all of your Peaky Blinders-inspired roleplaying fantasies.

While long-time fans have likely already gotten a taste of some of these parties and gangs via the regular progress updates that the Fallout: London team has put out over the past few years, it’s really cool to see them all showcased together like this. After all, seeing how they all interact with one another - as well as smaller parties like the “aquatically-mutated” Thamesfolk mentioned towards the end of the video - is one of the aspects of the mod I’m most excited about.

Currently, Fallout: London is set to release before 2023 concludes, having previously been pushed back to accommodate Starfield’s release.

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