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Fallout 76: where to find Nuka-Cola Power Armor paint

Fallout 76 still holds many secrets and many players have yet to find a single piece of Power Armor out there in Appalachia.

As if having a set of Power Armor wasn’t enough, players are keen to get their hands on paint schematics so they can customise their suits as you could in Fallout 4.

One Reddit user has managed to find Nuka-Cola Power Armor paint plan for the T-51 Armor. You’ll need to go on a treasure hunt to find various keys for specific locations around the map to get your hands on it.

Keep in mind that items in Fallout 76 spawn randomly, even collectables like Bobbleheads, so there’s every chance you could complete all the required steps and not find anything at the end.

Fallout 76 Nuka-Cola Power Armor paint

You’ll need to find a toolbox key first, so head to Pylon V-13 in Cranberry Bog and look for a wooden stump slightly Northwest of the Pylon. There will be a note on it and a duffle bag nearby with the toolbox key inside.

Next, head just East of Watoga and find a toolbox near the river. The toolbox key will open it, and you’ll find the key to Clara’s box.

Then, head over to the Red Rocket in Sutton. Head North and you’ll find a doghouse with a box inside. Use the key you’ve just picked up and you’ll find the Nuka-Cola locker key.

In the Southwest of the map, you’ll find the Nuka-Cola Plant. Try to enter through the East entrance because there are a lot of Ghouls roaming around.

Once inside, head up the stairs until you find a Lockpick level one locked door. Enter this room and you’ll find a safe and a metal box containing a note from Clara. Head through to the back and you’ll find a locker that will give you the TNT Dome key 3.

You’ll want to head to the Black Mountain Ordnance Works and go to Bunker 3. Use the TNT Dome key 3 to unlock the door and you’ll hopefully find some Nuka-Cola clothes and the T-51 Power Armor Nuka-Cola paint job schematics.

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