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Fallout 3's Hines: "The next milestone for us is 'get everything done.'"

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Bethesda comms boss Peter Hines has told VG247 that the next major milestone for Fallout 3 is to "get everything done."

"The next milestone for us is 'get everything done,'" he said. "From a PR standpoint, we still have lots more things to see and show and talk about and we'll be doling that info out over the coming months."

Hines was quick to point out, though, that a move into the final push on the anticipated RPG's development shouldn't be an indication that there's nothing left to reveal.

"There is tons of stuff left to see," he said. "Half an hour you got to see at E3 is barely scratching the surface."

The game's out on October 7 in the US. Still waiting on a European release date.

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