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Fallout 3's Hines shrugs off post-E3 preview negativity

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Bethesda communications boss Peter Hines has shrugged off post-E3 criticism of Fallout 3, saying he's not willing to judge negative previews - the most notable of which was this this Eurogamer piece - based on 30 minutes play at the event.

"Everybody has their reasons why they do or don't like something, so it's not really for me to say, 'That's a good reason not to like it,' or, 'That's not a good reason not to like it,'" said Hines when asked if some negativity surrounding the game after the show surprised him.

"You play the game and you see what you think. At E3 we let people play the game for a half hour, and if in a half hour you can make up your mind one way or the other, OK. I don't really get into judging the rightness or wrongness of it. I just give people a chance to play it and they draw their own conclusions."

Hines was speaking at the Bethesda booth at Games Convention last week. Fallout 3's now been confirmed for an October 28 release in North America, followed by an October 31 launch in Europem so you'll soon get a chance to judge for yourself.

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