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Fallout 3 world "50% to 80% of the size of Oblivion"

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Bethesda head Peter Hines has confirmed that Game of the Year contender Fallout 3 is nowhere near the size of the company's previous smash, Oblivion.

“We’ve never bothered to walk across the world,” he said, “but it’s between 50 to 80 percent of the size of Oblivion. It’s designed to feel like what the capital’s wasteland should feel like – a post-apocalyptic world where people scratch out an existence in these settlements – as opposed to Oblivion where it was the capital province at the height of the reign of this empire, with big bustling cities. It’s a change in scope and focus in what’s going on in this world.”

The post-nuclear RPG is without doubt one of the most anticipated games in development. There's a ton of stuff in that playtest, including details on how the targeting systems work. Take a look. The game ships this autumn for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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