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Fable II players report game breaking bug

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According to this X3F story - citing a thread on the Lionhead forums - Fable II contains a game-breaking bug in one of its quests.

From the piece:

The glitch occurs during the quest called "Monk's Quest," in which players are tasked with speaking to the Abbot of the Temple of Light in Oakfield. Apparently, if players run into the temple, begin the conversation with the Abbot, and then leave the region before the conversation is finished, they are be unable to resume the quest, thus preventing them from completing the main story. Lionhead is currently working on the issue and advises all players to make sure to finish the conversation and cut scene before leaving the area. At the moment there is no fix for those who have already encountered the glitch.

Whoops. And that's the not the only problem. Hit the link for more.

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