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Eurogamer posts Prince of Persia preview

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Eurogamer is running a three-page, hands-off preview of Ubisoft's Prince of Persia.

Not much is there in terms of gameplay as it's mainly an interview with producer Ben Mattes, but there is some new stuff on the last page detailing how your female companion, Elika, is utilised.

"The 'Elika button' - triangle on PS3, which the game's being demoed on - is the one-stop shop for all your companion-related needs. It's all contextual: bugger up a jump and she'll sweep to the rescue; press it when you're just standing around and you can have a nice old chin-wag. This is used to convey extra background on the story and characters for those who are about such things, in a similar manner to the function performed by the tapes in BioShock."

More PoP through the Eurogamer link.

By Mike Bowden

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