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ESRB outs Lost Planet 2 PC

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The ESRB has a listing of Lost Planet 2 on its website; and it's a PC SKU.

It was given a T rating. Here's what was said:

"This is a third-person shooter in which players lead a squad of "snow pirates" to seize control of a lost planet—one with lush tropical jungles and harsh, unforgiving deserts. Players use machine guns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, and grenades to kill giant insect-like creatures called "Akrids." Players can also pilot heavily armed mechanized suits (Vital Suits) to traverse the environment and inflict greater damage on enemies. The constant firefights are loud and frenetic; the enemy Akrids emit spurts of orange viscous fluid when hit. While male soldiers are typically clad in futuristic heavily armored suits, a selectable female soldier sometimes wears a piece of cloth hanging down the front and back portions of her body; this outfit tends to reveal her buttocks. Players are able to customize her with a bikini, draping chains, and a garter belt; in this outfit, the woman's breasts will slightly jiggle—in slow motion—during combat. During an opening cutscene, a snow pirate opens the door of a helicopter and says, "God, it smells like sh*t!""

Amazing stuff, right there.

Capcom hasn't formally revealed a PC version: the game was intially announced as 360 exclusive, but was shown on PS3 at E3 last June by SCEA boss Jack Tretton.

It's due sometime after April, when the company's FY2011 kicks off.

Thanks, SI.

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