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Epic: Gears of War universe will continue, but Fenix story will have "closure"

Epic has said that the Gears of War franchise will continue onwards after Gears of War 3, but insists its current story will finish in September.

Producer Rod Fergusson said that while the Gears franchise will live on, the third game will bring closure to Marcus's story.

"We're not blowing up the world, so Sera and the Gears universe will live on, but for us we didn't want to betray our customers and community by having a cliff-hanger ending where you're like, 'Argh I just got duped, now I've gotta wait until the next game," Fergusson told CVG.

"We wanted to have closure. We wanted people to have some satisfaction that they were along for this ride and they lived through a story.

"We're not going to reveal everything because we want some mystique left in our universe, but this is the Marcus Fenix story and people should feel satisfied after playing through that."

It's unknown where the Gears series will go after 3, but a Kinect spin-off is rumoured to be in development.

Gears of War 3 releases on September 20 worldwide for Xbox 360.

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