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Third-party games made $251 million on Epic Games Store in 2019, free games to continue in 2020

The Epic Games Store has revealed some decent numbers following its first full year of operation.

Epic has published a round-up of stats that highlight the Epic Games Store's journey in 2019. The store attracted 108 million customers in 2019, who have collectively spent $680 million.

$251 million of that sum was spent on third-party games and DLC, leaving the lion's share to Fortnite. More interestingly, the $251 million figure doesn't take into account Epic subsidies, such as coupons and developer funding. In other words, $251 million is the actual amount developers made.

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Although Epic didn't reveal a ranking of the top performers, it did confirm a number of familiar names among them. World War Z, Borderlands 3, The Division 2, Control, Metro Exodus, The Outer Worlds, Dauntless, Satisfactory and even Untitled Goose Game were some of the biggest earners.

Epic gave away 73 free games in 2019, over 200 million copies of which were claimed by players. The weekly free game promotion will continue in 2020.

Check out Epic's full infographic below:

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