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Replace Elden Ring's dodge with Sekiro and Bloodborne's quickstep using this mod

Inject a little bit of Bloodborne and Sekiro into your Elden Ring to spice up combat.

If you exclude Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Elden Ring is unquestionably FromSoftware's fastest Souls game in the traditional sense. It's basically a faster version of Dark Souls 3, even if it may not carry the same franchise name.

But what if you could bring some of those faster traits of Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice into Elden Ring to ramp up the pace of combat even more?

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More specifically, turn the standard roll into the quickstep/dodge both games enjoy. This is exactly what modder Nmsl2018 offers with their Replace light roll animation with Sekiro step and medium roll with Bloodborne step (yes, that's the full name).

As the descriptive name reveals, the mod does indeed replace two of Elden Ring's roll animations. The fastest roll (achieved with the lower weight class) now turns into Sekiro's quickstep. The medium roll has instead been replaced with the Bloodborne dodge.

The heavy roll remains the same, but most players only really stick to the two early weight classes given the issues fat-rolling induces. The mod can be downloaded at the link above, which also includes install instructions (there's even an auto-patcher!)

Of course, you should always stick to offline play when messing around with mods. Elden Ring's anti-cheat could very well detect modified files as a threat, which may get you banned.

For more Elden Ring goodness, our super useful beginner’s guide is always here for you, as is our best classes, and boss walkthrough.

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