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Bring Elden Ring to the table with the upcoming board game adaptation

First the Dark Souls of board games, now this.

We already have the Dark Souls of board games (Dark Souls The Board Game), but now, unsurprisingly, there's an Elden Ring board game on the way.

Steamforged Games, who also made the Dark Souls board game, announced on its website that an Elden Ring board game adaptation is in the works. Like its Dark Souls predecessor, it is quite simply called Elden Ring The Board Game, though not much about the board game itself has been revealed as of yet. The game is planned to be funded via Kickstarter, which you can sign-up to be notified when it launches.

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"In a vast, sprawling world of decaying grandeur that unfolds through your exploration, you'll embark on a huge and varied adventure, visiting iconic locations and crossing paths with familiar enemies and characters," reads the description, also confirming up to four players will be able to play together.

A render of Margit, the Fell Omen was also shown off, in what looks to be a very impressively done not-so-mini mini-fig. The announcement also mentions facing off against Godrick Soldiers and "the Grafted King himself," so presumably there will be a number of other figurines of the hard-as-nails bosses included in the set.

"Our mission is always to deliver authentic tabletop adaptations that capture the essence of what fans know and love about the IP," said Steamforged Games co-founder Mat Hart. "Fans should expect a dark, richly-realised tabletop world of mystery and peril, with satisfying combat and rewarding exploration. Prepare to lose hours to this game, and to be glad about it."

Recently, both Sony and Tencent made investments in Elden Ring's developer FromSoftware, which means the studio might be able to publish its own games going forward. All of the Souls games and Elden Ring have been published by Bandai Namco, and Sekiro was published by Activision, so this investment might give FromSoftware the opportunity to branch out.

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