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Ecco the Dolphin spiritual successor The Big Blue hits Kickstarter

Ecco the Dolphin never got another outing after the rather brilliant Defender of the Future on Dreamcast and PS2. However, the creators of the original games have formed a Kickstarter campaign to make a spiritual sequel called The Big Blue.

Headed up by Ecco the Dolphin creator Ed Annunziata, The Big Blue needs to raise $665,000 in 34 days to become reality. You can check out the game's Kickstarter hub here.

The game will deal with climate change, mass extinction, evolution, artificial life and proposes the Gaia theory - the idea that the Earth itself is a living being. Humans become extinct and the oceans become the world's new population mass.

You'll control a dolphin again, but this time your songs will have the ability to form life. It's all starting to sound very deep, much like the original games, that spanned time, space and alternate realities.

The team has released an early prototype of the game here.

The Big Blue will launch on Earth Day 2014, April 22 for Mac, Windows, and iOS and Android devices, including Ouya. The team will then speak with Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony about console ports.

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