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Ecco the Dolphin creator pushing for new game

Classic Sega property Ecco the Dolphin may have a chance at a revival.

According to an excited tweet, series creator Ed Annunziata will be meeting with Sega to discuss the possibility of a new Ecco game.

Annunziata says he is "putting the band back together" for the project, having already secured the services of Spencer Nielsen, whose gorgeous score added greatly to the 90's games' appeal.

The designer seems to be already at work mapping out the proposed new game, if this whiteboard sketch is any indication.

Ecco the Dolphin produced two much-loved releases for Mega Drive and Mega CD before being rebooted by a new development team for the Dreamcast - with notably less success. Port of the first game are available on iOS, PC, Wii Virtual Console and Xbox Live Arcade.

Thanks, Evil Avatar.

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