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Ecco creator reflects on The Big Blue Kickstarter failure

Ecco the Dolphin creator Ed Annunziata has discussed the failure of his Kickstarter project for spiritual follow-up The Big Blue, and has discussed the project in greater detail in a new interview.

Annunziata's Kickstarter campaign failed to get he funding necessary to make The Big Blue a reality, but he does plan on releasing some of his ideas in some form down the line.

Now, speaking with Eurogamer, Annunziata has shed new light on the project, and why he feels the Ecco legacy has endured all these years.

He revealed that while the series went on to sell millions, he couldn't get anyone at Sega to take him seriously. That was until he decided to band together a small team and create a prototype to show his concept in action. From then on the series was produced, sold well and then fell by the wayside after Dreamcast release Ecco: Defender of the Future.

Although the Kickstarter failed, Annunziata suggested how he might have done things differently if he could, "The right way to do it is to say 'how about like this?' and then just shut up and don't explain anything - just show it.

"If I was a time traveller what I would do is take The Big Blue from the future, bring it back and have a 15-second video where I introduce myself and say 'hey take a look at this' and then just show it. And then it would get funded."

While time travel isn't an option, Annunziata said that he could have made a better pitch, "I did a lousy job, my message was lousy, my rewards were lousy," he said, but despite this, he does plan on releasing the game in some form as he confirmed he'd been chipping away at the concept for years now, and added, "I'm not discouraged at all. One way or another I gotta do this game, sometimes you have to take baby steps before you can run".

Would you like to see The Big Blue happen? Let us know below.

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