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EA says Medal of Honor will have cool toys, a demo


Medal of Honor executive producer Greg Goodrich chatted to GameTrailers during GDC about the game, the guns, bringing it into the modern world, and how it would eventually see a demo released.

"This is the first Medal of Honor game not set in World War II," said Goodrich. "We are set in modern times with the fight that is currently taking place in Afghanistan.

"We had a story we wanted to tell, and it was about what the soldiers are going through right now and the Tier 1 Operators we were introduced to - they brought a different flavor and have really come into their own in this fight.

"So, we never sat down and said 'Hey we want to be in Afghanistan, we want to be modern', it was just a story we wanted to tell and these guys are pretty interesting. It's compelling, and we also tell the story of the other side. The Sledgehammer, the big-military side and while you play lots of it as a Tier 1 Operator, you're gonna have the opportunity to play as a US Army Ranger, as an attack helicopter pilot.

"You're gonna get both sides, you're gonna get that feeling of full-force multiplayer"

Goodrich also said that in the game, you are going to feel like you get to do some cool things as a Tier 1, as well as use some of the "gee-whiz" toys that come along with the  job.

"The shooter genre is very competitive," added Goodrich, "and if you don't show up with quality, there's no point in showing up at all. So we have a full team in Los Angeles working on the single-player and DICE over in Sweden working on the multiplayer".

He goes on to say that EA will release a demo forfolks to try sometime this year, and since the game's slated for this fall, the team is hitting it pretty hard right now.

Once released, it will be made available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Check out the latest trailer for it here.

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