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EA and Origin Access have over 3.5 million subscribers, EA to add more third-party content

EA's digital revenue set new records this fiscal year, and subscription services were a big part of that.

At a conference discussing the earnings for the fourth quarter of FY2019, EA shared a little bit of an insight into how well Origin and EA Access have been performing thus far.

EA revealed that EA and Origin Access combined have over 3.5 million members. Many of these players are giving some games and genres a try for the first time because of how easily accessible they are as part of their subscription.

EA is happy with this, and it's looking to grow the library of games on both services during this fiscal year. This includes launching new, third-party games into the service, as well as expanding the catalogue with other third-party games.

Origin Access already does this, but it'll be interesting to see how many third-party games will end up being added by the end of the fiscal year.

On a related note, EA is using all that player data to analyse which content is popular, and potentially use that to fund and greenlight new projects. Unsurprisingly, the publisher is very excited about finally being able to launch EA Access on PS4. When that happens, EA's superscription services will be available on more platforms than any other competing service.

Looking forward, EA will be experimenting with bundling game streaming with the current offering.

During the same call, EA revealed that it's working on bringing Apex Legends to mobile, and to China.

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