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EA: Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space failed due to lack of support


EA's COO, John Schappert, gave a speech at DICE this week chatting about 20 years of technology transitions in the gaming industry.

During it, he admitted that both Dead Space and Mirror's Edge weren't given enough of a marketing push.

Stating that "good marketing can’t make a bad game any better, but good games deserve better support", according to Game Informer, Schappert also blamed poor sales of the aforementioned titles on a crowded release window.

Mass Effect 2 and Dante’s Inferno, though, were positive examples of how marketing can be successful, thanks to trailers being broadcast during football games, the Super Bowl, and other large television events.

Schappert also said he felt that large gaming companies should "create long-term relationships with consumers", and two ways to do this was with DLC and other online content.

Thanks to such a thought process, not only will interest in games with extra content last longer on the market and in gamers' machines, but will also help out retail -which is a gateway to DLC with physical releases.

Mirror's Edge and Dead Space both hit the one million mark around this time last year, and back in March, EA stated that eventually both would be considered a success when looking at lifetime sales.

Dead Space 2 is down for a Q4 release in FY11 for consoles and handhelds with a PC version under consideration.

As of last year, it was reported that Mirror's Edge 2 was in the works, with DICE refusing to comment on it as recently as last month.

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