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E3 organisers called police to shut down OUYA's booth

E3 2013 owner and organiser The Entertainment Software Association called local LA police to shut down OUYA's booth at the show following a disagreement.

Speaking with IGN, founder of the Android-powered console Julie Uhrman said that OUYA had rented space across the street from the LA Convention Centre, but yesterday morning the ESA rented that space out to trucks that pulled in front of the OUYA stall, blocking it from view.

Uhrman believed it to be a conscious effort to stop people from noticing the console's stand. In response, OUYA then rented the space in front of said trucks and set up its stand and posters again, expect this time, the move prompted the ESA to call the local police.

See a photo of the cops questioning the OUYA stand-tender here.

Realising that OUYA has rented the space fair and square the police officials went on their way. Uhrman believes that the ESA is unhappy with OUYA's decision to attend E3 2013 without actually being inside the hall and added the company is upping the size of its street team throughout the week. The ESA has been contacted by Uhrman but she is yet to hear back from them.

What do you make of this then? Let us know below.

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