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Dynasty Warriors Vita detailed, screened, trailered

They might not yet have a name for the damn thing, but that hasn't stopped KEOI releasing a gazillion assets for the newly announced PS Vita version of Dynasty Warriors.

This version of the game introduces a new "God speed musou" attack, which is activated via the touchscreen, targeting and then zooming towards enemies.

You can also use the touchscreen to break enemies' guards, and tap the map to direct allies.

The Sixaxis motion controls and rear panel will also be utilised, and there'll be four-player multiplayer and GPS-based features, playing to the new portable's strengths.

As well as 28 screenshots, you can gaze on this official trailer, and then another two gameplay trailers as well. Gawd.

Dynasty Warriors for PS Vita is due some time in 2012.

Thanks, KOEIWarriors

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