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Dynasty Warriors 7 trailer shows weapon switching


Let's bond, readers. What kind of games do you like? Oh, really, that's so interesting! I feel we are closer than ever!

I like the kind where you push the same button a lot, very quickly, while shouting at the screen and blissing out on crazy Japanese outfits and speculating on which of the cast is in love with the enemies they are walloping. So this new, weapon-switching Dynasty Warriors 7 trailer is right up my alley.

As this is a Japanese promo courtesy of KOEI Warriors, it will be even less comprehensible than usual but demonstrates the newest gameplay additions; characters are seen switching between a wide variety of weapons and movesets.

Dynasty Warriors 7 sports the series' largest cast so far and an entirely new faction, the Jin, lead by fan favourite strategist Sima Yi. It releases in Europe on March 25 for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the former apparently including 3D support.

Join me in getting a bit fanboy over the trailer below. Thanks, The Sixth Axis.

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