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Dragon Quest 7 gets charming 3DS gameplay trailer

Dragon Quest 7 is heading to Nintendo 3DS across Japan from February 7th, but Square-Enix has released a charming trailer to tide over RPG fans until then. Check it out below.

Now, this is a bit odd, but we did have the trailer until Square-Enix disabled embedding on YouTube. Bad times.

But thankfully AGB has stepped in with a copy of it before it was taken down. Check it out here.

The game is a full 3D remake of the PSone original and we reported yesterday that it will use visible encounters, rather than the random battle system used in the original. We've also got a big batch of screens here.

No Western release date has been announced, but given publisher Nintendo's big push on the last Dragon Quest remake, it's a safe bet that it will be hitting these shores eventually. We'll update when we know more.

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