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Dragon Ball: The Breakers, or anime Dead by Daylight, is out this October

Closed network tests are taking place in August ahead of the game's release.

Fans of Dead by Daylight that think it just isn't anime enough might be happy to know that Dragon Ball: The Breakers is officially out in October.

Revealed last year, Dragon Ball: The Breakers (weird title) is an asymmetrical multiplayer game quite similar to Dead by Daylight, only within the world of Dragon Ball. And it's officially out October 14, bringing one of the most iconic villains from the series, Frieza, along with it.

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In the game's previous network test, only Cell was available to play as in terms of villains, with Earth as the main stage to play on. With the latest trailer showing off Frieza, Planet Namek also looks to be another stage the you will be able to survive or hunt on.

Like in Dead by Daylight, players have two main options to choose from: you can either be a Raider (which so far includes Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu, though the latter hasn't been shown in a trailer yet). Raider's are like killers in Dead by Daylight, and are immensely more powerful than the Survivor's you can play as, which is the other option.

While in most Dragon Ball games you typically play as the Saiyans or one of the strong humans in the series, The Breakers only has powerless civilians as an option. There are seven Survivors to choose from, which includes Bulma and Oolong, two classic characters. There are of course powerups that help Survivors, well, survive, which includes the ability to turn into Goku and other stronger characters (so you still do get to play as the Fortnite featured character after all).

If you're curious about checking out the game in action before the game launches in October, you can signup now to take part in some more network tests. These are being held in Early August, kicking off August 5.

A limited edition bundle of the game is coming too, which includes some cosmetic items, a special edition pack, a steelback, and a Cell Shell Figure that is honestly a bit horrifying.

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