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The Division 2: Government Comms location guide

The Divison 2 is full of collectables to find, so here's where to find all of the Government Comms.

Check out tips for getting started and read on to find the locations for all of the Government Comms in the limited area of the map available.

There are 13 in total, so here's a list of the ones we've found so far.

White House

#1 - Possible Subterfuge

Facing the White House entrance, turn to the left and follow the road. You'll spot a wide path on the right. Take a few steps down here, and look to the right. You'll see the Comms sitting on a table on the right.

#2 - Border Control

This isn't far from the last Comms. Facing the White House, take the road to the left, and then the path to the right. Once you're standing on the path, head into the building on the left. Turn to the left and go through the open doorways, all the way to the room at the end. The Comms is on the desk.

#3 - 25th Amendment

We're going inside the White House this time, so go on through the main entrance and turn to the right. You'll see a staircase on the left-hand side of the corridor. Head up to the next floor, and look to the right when you reach the top. There's a door leading outside. Walk through and the Comms will be right in front of you, lying on a pile of paintings.

#4 Black Friday Briefing

Leave the White House via any of the south gates, and make your way to the western side of the pool beyond the driveway. Walk straight ahead and you'll notice a car to the right that's driven straight into a basketball court. That's our destination.

Keep on going straight ahead, and very soon after the crashed car, you'll see an opening on the right between some hedges, leading to large house. Go towards the house and follow the path to the right until it forks. Ignore the dead-end at the fence ahead and take the right path. This also leads to a dead end, but a few steps away is a white cobblestone path.

Follow this new path and it'll split in two. To the left is the entrance to the basketball court. You'll have to shoot the lock off the gate to get in. Once inside, you'll find the Comms on a table on the right side of the court.

#5 - Aids Assemble

Make your way to the intersection of Alexander Hamilton Pl NW and East Executive Avenue NW. Head east on Alexander Hamilton Pl NW and then over to the large white building on the left. Go straight to the top of the stairs at the front and around the pillar on the left. The Comms is on the ground up here.

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The Division 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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