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How to get every Backpack Keychain Trophy in The Division 2

Along with all of the practical loot you can collect throughout your time with The Division 2, there are a whole lot of cosmetic items to pick up as well. The most difficult of these to track down are the backpack keychain trophies which are hidden in caches around the map or given out as rewards for strongholds.

We’ve found 13 of these backpack trophies so far, 9 of which you get from scavenging in D.C, while the other are either pre-order bonuses, rewards from the Open Beta, or little sweeteners for returning veterans from the original Division.

As we discover more keychains we’ll update this list, but for now, beware of story spoilers including locations and mission objectives in the later stages of the game.

The Division 2 Backpack Keychain Trophies

The following video from Arekkz Gaming runs through all of the currently discovered keychains rather nicely, but we’ll list them below as well:

  • Plush Hippo - On the rooftop terrace of the Theatre Settlement at level 3
  • Lincoln Bust - Just past the alcove marked “cafe” during the Lincoln Memorial Mission
  • Speaker’s Gavel - Reward for completing the Bank Headquarters Mission
  • Gold Bar - In the Vault during the Bank Headquarters Mission
  • Space Shuttle - In front of the crashed Space Shuttle during the Air & Space Museum Mission
  • Skeleton - During the DCD Headquarters Mission, when you get the objective, “Destroy the Outcasts’ Samples”, the keychain is on a teaching skeleton in a side room in the far left of the main chamber.
  • Plush Flower - Next to the sunflowers upstairs in the far left of the Campus Settlement
  • Hockey Player - Random drop from District Union Stronghold
  • Flag and Dog Tags - Random drop from the Capitol Building Stronghold

Preorder, beta, and returning player keychains

  • Teddy Bear - Preorder bonus
  • Capitol Building - Played in Open Beta
  • Supply Crate - Completed Dark Zone Mission in Open Beta
  • American Flag - Awarded to high-tier returning Division players

For more on The Division 2, check out our guides to finding Faction Keys, Specializations, and taking on the Dark Zone.

If you’re a new player, we always have pages on the best skills and the best perks to unlock during the early game.

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