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The Division 2 Keys Guide: Where to find Hyena, Outcasts, True Sons Keys, Suite 3 Card

The ruined streets of D.C in The Division 2 are chock-full of loot to collect, but while it’s quite obvious where to find a lot of stuff, where to find small, rare items like Hyena Keys - as well as the Outcast, True Sons and Black Tusk variants - isn’t as well communicated.

Each of the Key locations seem to be at least semi-randomised, but here’s where we’ve found different kinds of Keys so far.

You’re most likely to have stumbled onto a special Hyena cache while playing through The Division 2’s main story with no way to open it. Don’t sweat too much on scouring the surrounding area for the key, because they’re found elsewhere.

Where to find Hyena, Outcast and True Sons keys in The Division 2

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There are tons of chests, boxes, and supply caches stuffed full of weapons, equipment, and resources nearly everywhere you look in The Division 2. To find Keys, you need to look in a specific kind of box.

Inside of buildings and underground tunnels, you’ll see Key Cabinets fixed to walls. Inside, you’ll find either a Key that matches the faction currently occupying the building or a random faction key in more neutral areas.

So for example, if you storm a Hyena encampment as part of a side mission and find a Key Cabinet, you’ll most likely find a Hyena Key inside. Whereas if you’re scavenging in the open world and find a Cabinet, you’ll get any of the three factions.

The easiest place to find some of these cabinets is to go down the underground entrance in the south of the White House Lawn. It’s right behind where you started off your very first mission in D.C.

In the tunnels, walk around with your eyes on the walls, and you’ll see grey lootable boxes like in the screenshot below:

This is what you’re looking for in the locations you visit.

There’s another underground tunnel system where you can find keys in the Downtown East area to the northeast of the White House.

Sewers are definitely your best bet for finding keys. Icons that look like down arrows indicate a sewer or underground area, and you can find a few keys in each area.

Head to this sewer near the Roosevelt island stronghold, where you'll be able to find three key boxes.

The next sewer near the Man Mission Marker, West of the Safe House in West Potomac Park, where you'll find seven key boxes in total. There will be a locked room with a red light above it near the end - shoot open this lock to access the key box inside.

The next sewer is just North of this location, where you'll be able to find two more key boxes in the first main chamber and near the ladder at the end.

There are two sewers close to the Dark Zone Recon Mission marker. The first is to the West, where you'll need to go down through a cellar to reach the sewers. One key can be found just to the right of the sewer entrance and the other near the large, grey door you'll find on the way.

The final location is just North of the Dark Zone Recon Mission marker. Take a left then go to the room on the right to find a key box on the wall near the Nitrogen cannister. A final key can be found through a door with a red light. Follow the path with the red light round to the computer room and hug the wall to the right until you find the key box.

How to open Suite 3 in the Grand Washington Hotel Mission

During the Grand Washington Hotel Mission, you’ll find a mysterious card key on a corpse to your right as you clear out the first room.

You can use this card later on in the mission to unlock a secret room stuffed with loot.

Inside of the hotel, the location you’re looking for is actually the third “Suite 3” that you come across. Progress with the mission for another few engagements, until you reach the corridor with signs saying “Suites 1-10”.

On the left-hand side of the corridor will be the Suite 3 that you’re looking for.

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