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Disney Infinity is open-world sandbox action - rumour

Disney Infinity only escaped the realm of rumour this week, but already an alleged leak has given us a good idea of what the game actually is.

Sources supplied Polygon with video, artwork and screenshots to verify their claims about the shape of the new game, which will be revealed mid-January.

According to information given, Disney Infinity's core is an open-world sandbox with action elements, populated by Disney and Pixar characters. Described as a "gaming platform", it is expected to expand over time as more properties are added.

Players roam open-world environments either on foot or in vehicles - or even by flying. Activities available in-game include racing, shooting and building structures, including race tracks. Not all characters can use every type of vehicle and item, and characters have special skills like swimming and invisibility.

The game seems to be divided into two spheres - property-specific playsets and the rumpus room, a more purely sandbox side where properties are mingled freely.

Polygon likened the concept to Toy Story 3's Toy Box mode, and added support for earlier rumours of the project's previous code name being Toy Box. Disney Infinity is said to be the product of Toy Story 3 developer Avalanche Software (not to be confused with Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios).

Disney Infinity has no release date as yet, but is expected on consoles, Android and iDevices, and is said to support cross platform play as well as split-screen, although not all versions have access to all features.

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