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DICE: The Mirror's Edge "dream is definitely still there"

Faith no more? Don't bank on it. Repeated suggestions that Mirror's Edge will return have been compounded today by DICE creative boss Lars Gustavsson refusing to count out more from the first-person fan-favourite.

"No, the dream is definitely still there," said Gustavsson, speaking to VG247 at DICE's Stockholm offices.

"It's a game loved by the studio. It's one of those games where you miss the universe, such as Shadow of the Colossus. I really liked Alan Wake, for example; I miss being in that universe. I miss being in the Mirror's Edge universe; sometimes I just need to pick up the controller and play a bit, just to be back.

"Well, who knows what the future brings? But I would really happy to see it out there again."

Talk of sequel is now gathering pace. OPM rumoured the game was being developed in July, saying the Frostbite 2 engine being used for Battlefield 3 will pave a way for its return.

Earlier in the month, EA Games Europe VP Patrick Soderlund said DICE had "not abandoned the franchise," and that EA is "working on something," but refused to elaborate.

Fellow EA exec Frank Gibeau said in June that EA is now "actively looking at how to bring it back in the right way."

Soderlund originally confirmed a second Mirror's Edge title in June 2009, saying a "small team" was working on the game.

However, reports emerged in February this year that the project had stalled.

Mirror's Edge, a near-future adventure based on the exploits of protagonist Faith, released in 2008.

The game drew attention thanks to its distinctive art style and free-running first-person mechanics, which centred on moving through environments as opposed to simply shooting.

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