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Devil May Cry 5 Controls - Dante, Nero, and V Control Layouts in Devil May Cry 5

Here's our guide to the full Devil May Cry 5 controls layout, for Dante, Nero, and V.

Getting to grips with the controls in a game ilke Devil May Cry 5 is absolutely essential, when there's so many combo attacks to be executed. In our Devil May Cry 5 controls guide, we'll be putting together a full list of the complete control schemes for Dante, Nero, and V, so you can feel at home with all three characters in no time at all.

Devil May Cry 5 Control Layouts

As we mentioned at the top of this guide, there are three playable characters in Devil May Cry 5. There’s Dante, our longtime leading character for the series. Nero, Dante’s plucky younger rival. Then finally there’s the mysterious V, a brand new character for this entry in the series.

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Below, we’ll be breaking down into detail the full control scheme for each character in Devil May Cry 5, as though you’re playing on a PS4 controller. You start out the game in control of Nero, shifting to V after a few hours, before playing as Dante roughly halfway through the game.

Nero Controls

In Devil May Cry 5, Nero has his sword, a pistol, and his Devil Breaker arm to use. There are many different variations of Devil Breaker that you can obtain for Nero, but they all follow the same fundamental control scheme.

  • Melee attack - Triangle
  • Pistol attack - Square
  • Devil Breaker - Circle
  • Jump - Cross
  • Lock on - Right bumper
  • Switch targets - Left stick
  • Charge sword - Left trigger
  • Devil Bringer - Right trigger
  • Break Away - Left bumper
  • Switch Devil Breaker - D-pad
Nero's control scheme. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

The Devil Breaker attack uses the core function of the arm you currently have equipped for Nero. This could be bounding around the battlefield with Gerbera, or unleashing a fiery attack with Punchline. Using Break Away actually explodes the Devil Breaker arm in one final attack, and you can use this when you’re surrounded or overcome by enemies, but at the cost of one of Nero’s devil arms.

V Controls

The only combat attack that V himself can pull off is a swift blow with his cane, used with the Finishing Blow button. His pets Shadow and Griffon can’t actually kill enemies, so you need to get in for the finishing blow as V once enough damage has been dealt.

  • Shadow attack - Triangle
  • Griffon attack - Square
  • Finishing blow - Circle
  • Jump - Cross
  • Lock on - Right bumper
  • Switch targets - Left stick
  • Nightmare attack - Left bumper
  • Charge Devil Trigger - Right trigger
  • Auto attack - Left trigger
V's control scheme. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

V’s Devil Trigger attack comes in the form of Nightmare. This is a huge beast that V summons to the battlefield, and you can even ride atop the creature with the right upgrades having been purchased.

Dante Controls

Finally, Dante is quite possibly the most complex character in Devil May Cry 5. He has a range of different melee and ranged weapons to use, which you can switch by pressing either trigger, and these include the motorbike, pistols, shotgun, throwing hat, rocket launcher, and more.

  • Melee attack - Triangle
  • Ranged attack - Square
  • Style action - Circle
  • Jump - Cross
  • Lock on - Right bumper
  • Switch targets - Left stick
  • Charge gun - Left trigger
  • Charge sword - Right trigger
  • Devil Trigger - Left bumper
  • Style: Trickster - Up on d-pad
  • Style: Royal Guard - Down on d-pad
  • Style: Gunslinger - Left on d-pad
  • Style: Swordmaster - Right on d-pad
Dante's control scheme. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

The key to mastering Dante is to understand his different Styles. Each Style has a different Style Action ability. For example, Gunslinger unleashes a hail of bullets, and Swordmaster lets Dante dash forward or side to side rapidly.

By now we’ve spent our fair share of time with Devil May Cry 5, and have ultimately come away rather impressed with Capcom’s stellar sequel. For our full thoughts on the game, head over to our final Devil May Cry 5 review.

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