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New Detective Pikachu coming to Switch

The Pokemon Company has confirmed some sort of follow-up to the 3DS Detective Pikachu game on Nintendo Switch.

At the Pokemon Company's big press conference earlier today, the developer announced it's working on a new Detective Pikachu for Nintendo Switch. The reveal was brief, and didn't say whether this is an entirely new game, or an expanded version of the 2016 3DS original.

Tsunekazu Ishihara, Pokemon Company CEO, however, revealed that the new Detective Pikachu will provide an answer to the mystery the 3DS game's story ended on. As mentioned, it's not really clear if this is a full-on sequel or something else.

The new Detective Pikachu is being developed by longtime Pokemon Company collaborator Creatures Inc., and that's about the extent for what was announced. Following the reveal, the official Pokemon Twitter added that "the details of this game are still a mystery... so keep checking back here for more clues."

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