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Destiny’s King’s Fall Raid guide - How to kill the Daughters of Oryx

Oryx smells the blood of his son on your hands. When you’re through here, you’ll carry the stench of all his offspring. The Daughters of Oryx will summon all within their power to stop you. Here's how to beat them.


Destiny’s King’s Fall Raid guide - How to kill the Daughters of Oryx

You're done with Golgoroth. Now it's on to the Sisters.

Ignore the guys in your headset shouting “This is easy! What’s wrong with you?” A perfect execution does only require around seven minutes, but an ideal run proves elusive more often than not. Also, pay no mind to the guides that simply instruct to weaken Ir Anûk, slaughter Ir Hanak, and then finish off Ir Anûk on the next round. The real trick here is in knowing how to carry on with fireteams that fall short of maximum DPS. Hold your concentration, stick to the routine, and all will be fine.

Your basic requirement for defeating Ir Anûk and Ir Hanak is to survive while weakening them as much as possible before finally killing each one. Ideally this'll be over inside three rounds, by weakening Ir Anûk, killing Ir Hanak, and then killing Ir Anûk. Usually it takes four, weakening Ir Anûk, weakening Ir Hanak, killing Ir Anûk, and finally killing Ir Hanak. The crucial piece of knowledge to ensure a smooth drive is that the death of the first daughter results in the entire room being filled with a fiery blast. To survive this, everyone in the fireteam should remain within the protection of the Brand Claimer.


The Raid machine gun, Qullim’s Termimus, is ideal for DPS in this section of King's Fall.

The Brand Claimer is chosen at random before each round, at the same time that a Spark appears hovering high above one of the four activation platforms. Whoever the Brand Claimer is becomes Torn Between Dimensions, revealed to that player as a monotone Taken-style view of the world, while to the rest they appear transparent. The remaining team helps the Claimer reach the Spark that shatters the shield protecting one of the Daughters of Oryx. This is achieved by summoning a series of transparent steps, in an exact sequence, that climb toward the Spark.

To help with your organisation, allocate one team member to each platform, so that it is always that person who’ll remain on that platform to build the steps. Next, choose one person to concentrate on clearing the floor of adds, ensuring that the platform guys don't die and the steps don't vanish.

Finally decide which among you will serve as a substitute for whomever becomes the Claimer. So, if it’s the adds-guy who gets chosen, they’re clearing adds. If it’s a platform guy, they're going to take over that platform. When the round resets, everyone resumes their starting roles before kicking things off once more.

Activate the platforms in a counter-clockwise direction from where the Spark has appeared, calling out to teammates that this is done. Do not move your feet from this position, not even by jumping. It is essential that steps are built in the correct sequence so that the Claimer can reach the Spark.

As soon as the first platform is lit, adds appear and one of the Deathsingers begins a song that lasts for 60 seconds, being your window of opportunity to cause damage to the other. Ir Hanak always sings her Hymn of Weaving first, surrounded by a flaming aura, meaning that Ir Anûk becomes your initial target.


The Claimer sees the game world as if through Taken eyes.

The Claimer begins their assent while the team below works on the adds, that include problematic Acolyte’s Eyes and a Tortured Centurion. At precisely 45 seconds, Vandal snipers appear from the ether behind each of the four platforms, ready to shoot when the counter reaches 40. Take them down quick. At around 35 seconds left to go, the Claimer should have the Spark in their possession and seeking the fastest route to Ir Anûk’s dais. It’s best to slam dunk the shield from the final step, using the subclass jump option for gaining distance. Use the base of the pedestal for access should the slam-dunk option fail.

Have the Claimer announce to the rest that they have the Spark, which is their instruction to gather as one unit and begin firing upon the unprotected Deathsinger. We’ve found it best to assemble below and in front of each Deathsinger, which in the case of Ir Anûk is the far-left corner of the map. For Ir Hanak, it’s far-right. Tuck behind one of the platform’s four ledges, making it easier to clear remaining adds afterwards. While the Claimer is in possession of the Brand, everyone is shielded by an Aura. Take note of remaining adds' positions before emerging to kill as many as possible before everyone resumes their original roles and a new Brand Claimer is chosen.

The second, third and likely fourth rounds proceed exactly as before. The adds include that Tortured Centurion, while the Vandal snipers arrive from 45 seconds on the clock. Your most likely scenario is that Ir Hanak only becomes weakened while Ir Anûk sings her Dirge of Unravelling. Ir Hanak will then be the last to die. Just prepare for that instant-death blast however in case you have enough DPS to eliminate Ir Hanak on the first try and stay safe within the Aura of Weaving. It’s always worth going for, using Shadowshot supers and Weapons of Light to buff the effects of your best sniper rifle shots and heavy machine gun in concert with scout rifles and high impact auto rifles. Preserve supers, including the Warlock Stormcaller and Titan Sunbreaker, to clear the floor of adds for the next round.

Whichever Deathsinger is killed last is surrounded by the flaming aura of her song while the fireteam remains under the Aura of that same song. Since we have not experienced a scenario where the final Deathsinger does not die, we cannot tell you the consequences. Some speculate that the final Deathsinger is somehow tougher to take down owing to her flaming aura. Since she is left until last with such little health remaining, it is not a contributing factor worth worrying about.

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