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Destiny: players will "discover the fate of the Iron Lords" in Rise of Iron expansion

With Bungie set to livestream the “next adventure” for Destiny: The Taken King ahead of E3 2016 this week, let's have another chat about what Rise of Iron may contain.

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Destiny: players will "discover the fate of the Iron Lords" in Rise of Iron expansion

Activision and Bungie have both said to expect the big new expansion this fall in lieu of Destiny 2, and with the recent rumored Rise of Iron promo leak, we expect this to be the big content drop on the way.

As Arekkz notes in his video, on May 31 Bungie officially registered a trademark for Rise of Iron and with E3 happening next week, the stream later this week probably won't reveal a whole bunch of information.

The promo image which came along with the stream announcement didn't provide much in the way of hints. There was snow covering half of the Destiny emblem, but were also snow flurries present in the leaked promo art for Rise of Iron. So, we know a cold climate will come into play somehow.

Also, at some point, when googling Rise of Iron, the top entry showed the official Destiny the Game website. It mentioned a new Raid, gear, story and weapons - all things you would expect with an expansion. If you google Rise of Iron now, you will see the Destiny website is no longer listed in the search results.

However, as Arekkz points out, the search terms in the entry also also mentioned "Discover the fate of the Iron Lords."

The Iron Lords and Iron Wolves were a group of Guardians which defended the Last City in its early days, and these are the folks which you honor whenever you take part in the Iron Banner, and the equipment is named after them as well.

As Destinypedia states, little is know about these Guardians other than they "came to being during the beginning of the City Age, and fought at the battle of Six Fronts."

Should players be sent on a mission to discover their fate, it's possible that what led them to fight in the first place, may be coming back to haunt current players. It's also possible players will pick up the mantle and continue what the Iron fellas started. No one other than Bungie knows at this point.

We expect a few tidbits to be tossed out during the livestream on Thursday, with a larger reveal during Sony's press conference on Monday, June 13.

You can tune in to Bungie’s Twitch channel at 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm UK June 9 for all the details on the new expansion, or watch along with us here on the site.

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