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Destiny stream to reveal "next adventure" ahead of E3 2016

The next Destiny expansion may well be revealed next week.


Destiny stream to reveal "next adventure" ahead of E3 2016

Destiny: The Taken King is nearly nine months old now and we're eagerly anticipating news of what we'll see from Bungie towards the end of 2016. It's inconceivable that there wouldn't be a big content drop for either northern autumn or the holiday season, so we're expecting something along the lines of The Taken King in terms of size and scope.

We know there's a big new expansion coming rather than Destiny 2, which is expected in 2017, and officially, we have no idea what that might be. (Unofficially, it's probably something to do with the Vex.)

All this speculation will come to an end on Thursday when Bungie finally lifts the lid on what's next for its shared-worlds shooter. In a livestreamed presentation, the developer has promised "to reveal your next adventure".

"You’re invited to learn all about the next threat that you’ll confront as Guardians," Bungie said.

If that doesn't mean the new expansion, Bungie will be guilty of unfair teasing. Tune in to Bungie's Twitch channel at 10:00am PT June 9 for all the details.

Since Bungie is about to confirm its existence, expect to see Destiny: Whatever It Is on stage at E3 2016, too - probably during Sony's presser, unless something utterly remarkable has happened. Set your viewing calendars with our handy-dandy E3 2016 hub.

The expansion may well be playable on the show floor, too, in which case Pat will have a full report immediately, even if I have to pay someone to hold him down and force him to turn in copy.

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