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Destiny guide: the Tower's areas and characters

Explore the Tower, meet the crucial NPCs who sell armour, vehicles and weapons, and discover all three factions.


Destiny: Tower area guide


Whenever you visit The Tower you'll spawn in the Tower Watch, a neat little courtyard populated by some essential NPCs.


Gunsmith: as the name suggests, the Gunsmith stocks an array of weapons alongside some sly lines of dialogue. He'll sell you level-appropriate guns as well as Ammo Synthesis for your normal, special and heavy weapon.

Cryptarch: the Cryptarch will decode and reward you for bringing him interesting artifacts. You can also buy Engrams from him with Glimmer.

Bounty Tracker: once you reach level 4 Bounties will open up for you. You can only carry five live bounties at any time, so make sure you've got the right ones depending on which planet you're heading too. These Bounties give you XP and Crucible and Vanguard Reputation when completed. More Bounties open up at level 12.

Postmaster: you can collect rewards, messages and occasionally new Bounties from the Postmaster. It's here that you can store equipment and weapons in The Vault for any other characters you create (enabling you to start a level 1 character with some quality gear). You'll also find special deliveries here.



The Hall of Guardians is located ahead of the Tower Watch spawning point, downstairs. Everyone here is very serious.

Crucible Handler: Lord Shaxx wants to talk with you about multiplayer. He has Legendary Armour in exchange for your Crucible Marks. This is also the place to come for special Crucible events.

Crucible Quartermaster: this is where you can purchase Legendary Weapons in exchange for Crucible Marks. The higher your Crucible rank goes, the better gear on offer. when you reach Crucible Rank 3 you will also be able to get faster, more nimble Sparrows.

You can also exchange Spinmetal, Helium Filaments, Spirit Bloom and Relic Iron for Crucible Marks and Rep.

Hunter Vanguard: visit here for low level Hunter Armour. If you have raised your Vanguard Rank and have Vanguard Marks you can buy Vanguard Armour.

Titan Vanguard: visit here for low level Titan Armour. If you have raised your Vanguard Rank and have Vanguard Marks you can buy Vanguard Armour.

Warlock Vanguard: visit here for low level Warlock Armour. If you have raised your Vanguard Rank and have Vanguard Marks you can buy Vanguard Armour.

On to the North Tower and the Tower Hanger.


To the left of the Tower Watch is the North Tower where you'll find the ominous Speaker.


The Speaker: he speaks on behalf of The Traveler, apparently. More importantly you can exchange Motes of Light for a unique Emblem. Once you hit level 20, he offers Exotic Warlock Bonds, Titan Marks and Hunter Cloaks.

New Monarchy: buy New Monarchy Emblems here with Crucible Marks, as well as Legendary Crucible Armour. You can also buy a New Monarchy clock, mark or bond if you've got a lot of Glimmer.

Guardian Outfitter: Eva lets you customise your Guardian. When you reach level 20 you'll be able to buy shaders to customise even further and it won't affect your stats.


The Tower Hanger is the place to visit for all your vehicle needs, and it also houses two of Destiny's factions.


Shipwright: the Shipwright is here to sell you a new Sparrow or Jumpship. Sparrows are more practical, as you'll need them to travel large distances on maps. These Sparrows have higher speed and more durable.

Once you get past level 5 you'll be able to buy ship blueprints. These are cosmetic choices for when you're cruising through space to different destinations.

Vanguard Quartermaster: Roni only accepts Vanguard Marks but he will exchange Spinmetal, Helium Filaments, Spirit Bloom and Relic Iron for them.

You can buy Legendary Armour and Weapons here with Vanguard Marks after you've reached level 20. He also has a few rare Sparrows on occasion.

Dead Orbit: Crucible Marks and Glimmer are needed here to spend on Dead Orbit Emblems, Crucible Weapons and Armour. you can buy a Dead Orbit bond, cloak or mark here to earn Dead Orbit rep for completing Bounties.

Future War Cult: you can buy a Future War Cult Emblem here but you'll need a Future War Cult rank. You can buy high powered weapons here with your Crucible Marks.

Be sure to check out our full Destiny guide for more tips and info.

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