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Bungie to reveal Destiny 2: Shadowkeep today - watch the livestream here

Bungie is set to discuss the "next chapter" of Destiny 2 today, said to be called Shadowkeep. You can watch the livestream here with us.

Destiny 2: Season of Opulence kicked off earlier this week, but Bungie has more to share on the game today.

It's possible we'll hear about the rumored Steam release and free-to-play options, maybe even more on its Stadia release. We'll have to wait and see, but the focus will be on Shadowkeep with some new gameplay promised.

The livestream will start at 10am PT, 1pm ET, 6pm UK, 7pm CEST.

We might also hear about possibly additional content coming to Season of Opulence. The current roadmap only lists content through July 30, so unless it's going to be an extremely short season, there's likely more more to expect once August rolls around.

Year 3 will kick of on September 27, so it will be interesting to see what Bungie has in store for players.

Watch live video from Bungie on

Speaking of the current season, Season of Opulence features new challenges, loot, and lore, and a new six-player activity called the Menagerie. Hit up the link to find out everything you need to know regarding the latest content update.

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